1. officiallogancouture:

    What a perfectly placed watermark.

    I missed you, Hockey Tumblr. 

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  2. section8photogs:

    The weekend is almost here! #SupportYourLocalClub #cf97 #S8C

    Photog cred: Jakub P. Nowak

    My girlfriend and I, as we often do, spent a lot of time this weekend discussing the team and the Jermaine Jones kerfuffle and speculating about how much longer Frank Yallop will be employed and comparing loving the Fire to having a best friend who goes on a lot of bad Tinder dates, but the truth of the matter is all those draws could be losses and I’d still be showing up and waking up the next day with a sore throat from pounding Modelos and belting out the Tetris song and loving every second.

    Anyway, these photos are stunning. I love the second-to-last one. Support your local, kids. It’s fun. We promise.


  3. "We want you to know us. We aren’t afraid. We know that man on the corner. He works at the store and gives us free Lemonheads. Those girls jumping rope are Precious, Aniya and Nivia. The people in the suits are people not going to funerals, but to church. That little, creepy dog is Saianis, Lamaur’s dog. We are the kids who find crates so we can shoot hoops. When the sun shines here, it’s not God saying he wants to burn us; he sees us all with bright futures. Those who know us look at the ones who want to go to college, not the ones who dropped out of school. If you listen, you’ll hear the laughter and the chattering from the group of girls on the corner who are best friends and really care about each other. Do you see the smile on the cashier’s face when the kids walk in? Why? Because this neighborhood is filled with love. This isn’t Chi-raq. This is home. This is us."
    — the young people in this city are amazing, and fuck anyone who tries to convince them otherwise, and double-fuck anyone not from chicago who uses the term ‘chiraq,’ especially professional reporters and news pundits
  4. uchicagoadmissions:

    Did you know the highest ranked female African-American chess player in the US is a third year at the University of Chicago? Go Darrian! You can learn more about her in this article.

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  5. I was actually surprised to learn this was a Billy Joel cover because there’s no way anyone but Dolly Parton should ever record a version of this song

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  6. a support group for people who cry at commercials


  7. This is great. 

  8. meninblazers:

    Thanks to all GFOPs who sent us their #GICCPoets signs this weekend. Keep them coming.

    We’ll announce our singular, distinctive #GICCPoet Laureate Aug. 8. The winner receives a quite lovely engraved pint glass with your name on it and a coveted Men in Blazers patch. More details here

    Special thanks to @Weezus, @lindsayeanet, @robinhargadon, @IllinoisBuckley


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    Partition by Beyoncé ft. Tina Belcher


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